Mobile Solution

A single gateway that enables you to test, monitor,
and improve your mobile app throughout its lifecycle” 

We are living in a digital world where everyone is connected, everywhere. We’re living in an Idea Economy, where the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service has never been easier. Of course, ideas have always been the root of progress and business success. They’ve launched companies, created markets and built industries. But there’s a difference today. In this hyper-connected, technology-driven world, it takes more than good ideas to be successful.


Step 1: Shift mobile analytics left

AppPulse Mobile lets you understand how your mobile app is really being used, how performing and stable it is. We can use this information, analyze it and summarize it to get the insights we are missing from the user review process.

By combining Mobile Center and AppPulse Mobile, MF is helping mobile teams reduces the amount of mobile testing they have to do, because they are receiving real-time information from your users. This shift allows for streamlining and improvements instead of spending time looking at point A and point B testing.


Step 2: Submit your app for security scans


Step 3: Identify the performance offenders earlier


Step 4: Accelerate manual testing


Step 5: Automate functional testing


Step 6: Plan, Run, Scale web and Mobile performance testing

Get an accurate picture of the end-to-end mobile performance. Combine virtual users and real devices; run simple, elastic, and realistic tests from multiple geographies across various real-world network conditions


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