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Enterprise-grade scalable software with analytics built in.

Application Delivery Management

IT Operations Management

Analytics & Big Data


Application Delivery Management

Accelerate delivery, and ensure quality and security at every stage of the app lifecycle


Powerful, Realistic load, Stress, and Performance testing at enterprise scale

  • LoadRunner
    Generate real-life loads, and identify and diagnose problems to deploy with confidence
  • StormRunner Load
    Plan, run, and scale performance tests in the cloud
  • DevOps Suite
    Essential tools for Agile and DevOps teams to govern, test, and monitor applications
  • Performance Center
    Standardize processes, centralize resources, and build a Performance Center of Excellence
  • Service Virtualization
    Create simulations and virtual services with pre-packaged wizards and protocols


Powerful test solutions for web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications

  • Unified Functional Testing
    Accelerate test automation and help developers and testers collaborate
  • StormRunner Functional 
    On-demand cross-platform functional testing coupled with in-depth analytics
  • LeanFT 
    Lightweight solution for continuous integration and testing
  • Mobile Center 
    Real device lab that helps build an app experience from real-world insights
  • Service Virtualization 
    Create simulations and virtual services with pre-packaged wizards and protocols
  • DevOps Suite 
    Essential tools for Agile and DevOps teams to govern, test, and monitor applications


Manage portfolio investments and requirements throughout the development process

  • Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)
    Prioritize, deliver, and optimize portfolios that drive business success


Develop quality software in less time with real-time collaboration, cross-tool and cross-project visibility, and enhanced reporting

  • ALM Octane
    Comprehensive lifecycle management solution for high-quality application delivery
  • ALM Software  
    Unified platform for defining, managing, and automating activities and gaining insights
  • Quality Center  
    Integrated quality management to standardize testing and fix defects
  • Dimensions CM  
    Change and configuration management that streamlines development to release faster
  • DevOps Suite  
    Essential tools for Agile and DevOps teams to govern, test, and monitor applications


Automate deployment and orchestrate application releases to speed product delivery

  • Deployment Automation
    Connect Dev and Ops by automating the deployment pipeline and reduce feedback time
  • Release Control
    Centralized planning and control for the entire software release lifecycle
  • Hybrid Cloud Management 
    DevOps-driven, multi-cloud management, orchestration, and migration

IT Operations Management

Accelerate your IT Operations to the speed of DevOps


Accelerate your IT Operations to the speed of DevOps

  • Operations Bridge The first containerized, autonomous monitoring and dashboard solution for hybrid IT with analytics built in.
  • Service Management Automation Engaging end-user experience and efficient service desk based on machine learning technology.
  • Hybrid Cloud Management DevOps driven, multi-cloud management, orchestration and migration
  • Data Center Automation Automate provisioning, patching, and compliance across the data center
  • Data Protection Predictive data protection across hybrid IT


Leverage big data to optimize and make your IT processes more efficient

  • Operations Bridge Suite Autonomous operations through a business lens
  • IT Service Management Automation Suite Intelligent automation for service desk, configuration, and asset management

Analytics & Big Data

Analytics for business insights in a data driven world

Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform

The fastest, open, infrastructure-independent, advanced analytics SQL database


Security at the core to everything you do in Operations and Applications


Detect known and unknown threats through correlation, data ingestion and analytics

ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager ( ESM )

  • A comprehensive threat detection, analysis, and compliance management SIEM solution

ArcSight Data Platform

  • A future-oriented, open platform that transforms data chaos into security intelligence

ArcSight Investigate

  • Target proactive search and combat of unknown threats as well as reduce the negative impact of security incidents

ArcSight User Behavior Analytics ( UBA )

  • Detect unknown threats through real-time analytics


Secure development, security testing, and continuous monitoring and protection

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

  • Identifies security vulnerabilities in source code early in software development

Fortify WebInspect

  • Provides comprehensive dynamic analysis of complex web applications and services