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Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage makes it possible to store practically limitless amounts of data, simply and cost effectively.


Backup and Archive

Enterprise data backup software makes an administrator’s job easier to protect file system and application data.

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Enterpise File Sync and Share

CTERA provide enterprises with the best experience in managing how files are stored, accessed, shared and governed in a world where data flows between clouds, and users work and collaborate on the go.

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When it comes to cybersecurity threats, no one is immune. In fact, the entire conversation has shifted from focusing on “if you’re attacked” to “how quickly you can respond.”

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Big Data

No matter your industry focus or use case, Big Data analytics helps you become more efficient, increase profits and better adapt to a changing environment.



We are living in a digital world where everyone is connected, everywhere. We’re living in an Idea Economy, where the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service has never been easier.