IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a new data protection and availability solution that simplifies VM and file recovery and access. It unlocks your data to provide value for emerging use cases, and can either be implemented as a stand-alone solution or integrate with your IBM Spectrum Protect environment to offload copies for long-term storage and governance efficiently at scale.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus leverages the data protection application programming interfaces (APIs) and data copy technology from your hypervisors to efficiently create application data snapshots, for improved recovery point objectives (RPOs). This solution creates and maintains a global catalog of all copies of VMs and files under protection, enabling an administrator to see what is protected—and more importantly, what isn’t. When the need to recover arises, this catalog enables administrators to quickly search for and identify what they want to recover instead of browsing through hundreds of objects and recovery points. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus enables instant access and restore from the catalog so that an administrator can restore the organization’s operations in a matter of minutes.

With IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, vital data is kept accessible with a flexible, cost-efficient solution that fits an organization’s virtual environment. The solution provides visibility, insight and control into the data throughout the storage environment. It provides robust backups with granular RPOs and low recov-ery time objective (RTOs) in mind. Thoughtful user interfaces simplify management, and policy-driven controls enable an administrator to institute and maintain organization-wide standards for data protection and availability

Database Availability Can Make or Break a Business.

That is why IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides support for industry-leading database technologies, including Microsoft SQL and Oracle. Management of database backup can be done using the SLA templates in the easy-to-use IBM Spectrum Protect Plus management portal which means no specialized tools and no scripting are required. Access management lets you give your database administrators control of their own backup and recovery. To achieve near instant recovery times, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides support for Oracle ASM and Oracle RAC. Administrators can use a point in time copy of their data in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus in the event of an outage allowing them to achieve near-zero recovery time.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus has Integration with IBM Spectrum Protect

which enables administrators to seamlessly create a data copy that is off-loaded to one of the most scalable and efficient enterprise backup solutions available. With the release of IBM Spectrum Protect version 8.1.4, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is included with the IBM Spectrum Protect Suite. Recommended for storing long-term backup copies, IBM Spectrum Protect can apply efficiency and scale-enabling technologies such as “incremental forever” backup methodology, deduplication, compression and encryption. IBM Spectrum Protect also facilitates seamless transport to and from many different storage architectures, including on-premises disk and tape, and private, public or hybrid cloud environments.