IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration

Extracts and Transforms Data in Any Style and Loads into Any System


Transforms Data in Any Style

IBM InfoSphere® Information Server for Data Integration extracts and transforms data in any style and loads it to any system. The result is fast time-to-value. The system provides built-in transformation functions and a common metadata framework that increases efficiencies. It also offers multiple options for delivering data – bulk ETL (extract, transform and load), virtual (federated) and incremental (data replication).

Delivers Big Data – Better and Faster

Provides a scalable data integration platform. Enables you to outperform Hadoop-only distributions, processes the right workloads with the right tools and delivers data governance using data lineage.

Enables Cloud Initiatives

Delivers data integration as part of a private or public cloud or integrates on-premises data with a cloud environment.

Provisions Data Quickly

Enables non-technical users to quickly provision data when and where they need it.

Provides a Streamlined Interface

Includes an easy-to-use graphical interface that empowers your users across the enterprise.

Satisfies Complex Requirements

Integrates data on demand across multiple sources and targets and satisfies complex requirements using a powerful scalable runtime environment.

Uses Native API Connectivity

Invokes native API connectivity and parallelism to integrate with DBMS, big data sources, messaging queues, ERP and other packaged applications, industry formats and mainframe systems.

New features in v11.7

  • User interface modernization & consolidation

  • Improving management and runtime on the data lake

  • Connectivity enhancement

  • Platform modernization and simplification

  • Flexpoint licensing