IBM Campaign

The market-leading solution for sophisticated campaign management, execution and audience segmentation just got a lot smarter. Introducing IBM Campaign v11.

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Sophisticated Campaign Management

Manage campaign logic and delivery including audience segmentation against the largest contact databases, ad-hoc field creation, exclusions, assignment of offers and channels, and the execution of email, mobile push and SMS campaigns.

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Campaign Measurement, Reporting & Interaction Data Analysis

Accurately measure and report on marketing activities to enhance insights, decision making and marketing accountability. Create stronger customer relationships, loyalty and lifetime value with access to an extensive interaction history including offers presented, campaign details, and response or non-response data.

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Easy-to-Use Flowchart Interface

Design and manage complex, multichannel campaigns with greater flexibility and ease. Reduce campaign cycle times and overall time-to-market with best-in-class campaign management functionality.


Integration with Watson Campaign Automation

Leverage seamless integration with Watson Campaign Automation for digital channel execution including email, mobile push and SMS. Enjoy rapid campaign import and integration across journey designer, data for reporting, social audiences and more. This powerful integration allows marketers to maximize the benefit of IBM Campaign for their organization.

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Measure Marketing Activities

Evaluate activities across any data point including segments, products, channels, brand and time. Attribute direct, indirect and inferred responses to specific campaigns using attribution methods.

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AI-Powered Watson Assistant

Work smarter and drive to insights faster with Watson on your team. Use natural language – either with your voice or by typing – to leverage the AI-powered assistant to quickly retrieve critical performance metrics and other campaign-related data. Watson simplifies how marketers work, enabling them to spend more time being creative and strategic.