Metro Connect joined with OpenText introduced Cybersecurity Solutions

      Metro Connect Co., Ltd. together with OpenText arranged “Defend Your Network and Protect Your Data with Layered Security” Seminar on May 16, 2023, at Nikko Bangkok Hotel, 4th floor, Tsubaki Room. Mr. Varuch Rattanatumma, (first from right), Assistant Vice President, Metro Connect Co., Ltd. gave an honorable opening speech. There are experts had participated in the presentation of various solutions as follows:

          Mr. Ong Tee Kok (second from left), Channel Leader, South East Asia, OpenText addressed on “Defend your Network and Protect your Data with Layered Security”. Offering a solution to protect the network and data with multi-layered security by implement methods to increase the stability and security of networks and data. The multi-layered security ensures that unauthorized access to systems and prevent them from attacking or destroying data. The principles of protection against unauthorized access are divided into three main levels:

1) Identity and Access Management – Assign user access to the system using OpenText – NetIQ.

2) Data Encryption – Encrypt the data sent over the network to prevent being captured and accessed unauthorized with OpenText – Voltage.

3)  Application Security – Greatly reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities and application crashes by using OpenText – Fortify.

      Mr.Pratya Sinthong (first from left), Presales Specialist, Metro Connect Co., Ltd. has demonstrated working solutions on the following topics:

  • Source Code Review and Software Composition Analysis
  • Password Management with Multi Factor Authentication
  • Data Protection using Format Preserving Encryption

Metro Connect Co., Ltd. (MCC) is the official distributor of OpenText. MCC has been entrusted to support partner companies in expanding the market by creating solutions to meet rapidly changing technology. Including supporting and passing on expertise to partner companies. Developing and extending solutions that meet the needs of the current market.

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