Powerful forces are changing how business gets done. Big data and analytics, cloud, and mobile are providing unprecedented opportunities to uncover insights, drive efficiencies and reach clients. Today, IBM introduces a new generation of systems with the open innovation of the POWER8 processor and architecture to handle bigger data demands in the cloud — delivering faster insights and an expanded Linux-based open server ecosystem.

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    • Tape Systems
    • IBM offers tape backup, recovery, and archiving solutions for data protection and retention.
      IBM invented the concept of magnetic tape computer storage back in 1952. Since then, IBM has delivered many innovations in tape storage and that innovation continues today.
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Get insights up to 82 times faster with systems designed for

big data

Built to bring insights to the point of impact, these first generation systems are the ideal platform for analytic applications with computing power, memory bandwidth, I/O and smart acceleration. These new systems extend a heritage of resiliency, availability and security for

big data and analytics and scale to perform in the most demanding

data requirements.

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